How to Enlarge Breasts Size without Surgery?

What prevents you from turbinating your breasts? For many women, the answer is fear of hospitalization, costs and the need to plan for a safe and quiet postoperative period . Therefore, they want to know how to enlarge their breasts without surgery.

In the posts, we talked about several popularly known methods. We explain in detail what exercise, food , contraceptives , creams and massages can really do to help you achieve that goal.

However, after all these explanations, you must have come to the conclusion that none of these methods is as effective as you expect. None of them is capable of producing a significant and lasting result.

So, in this post we decided to help you compare your alternatives. Let’s recall some myths and show how these methods miss out on a long way for the best alternative for the woman who wants to conquer beautiful, bulky and upright breasts: breast augmentation. Check out!

How to enlarge breasts without surgery x results of breast augmentation: compare!

Exercises X Breast Augmentation

As we explained in another post, many people looking for how to increase breasts without surgery advocate the practice of weight training exercises for the pectoral region.

Really, weight training is important for health and mobility. It also makes it possible to gain muscle mass in the chest. Thus, the breast is projected slightly forward, standing out.

However, as we have already said, this method does not change the size of the mammary gland. The exercises only work on the muscles behind the chest and if the woman stops training, they return to their original size.

Since women produce less testosterone, this increase is not so significant. The use of substances to enhance the effects of weight training pose risks and can masculinize the woman’s body.

The alternative is precisely the breast augmentation. In this surgery, the doctor places the silicone prosthesis in the appropriate place and makes the breasts gain an ultra-feminine shape and adequate volume.

In addition, unlike weight training, the effect of breast augmentation is definitive. The result is maintained permanently.

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