How to Increase Breast Milk

If you do not meet your baby’s need for breast milk, your milk supply is considered low. If you worry about your breast milk supply, you are not the only one. There are many mothers with that worry about their breast milk and how to increase breast milk.

There are many mothers that stop breastfeeding their baby because they think they didn’t had enough milk to feed them, but most mothers do naturally produce enough breast milk to meet their baby’s demand.

The question ‘How to increase breast milk?’ is a common question, but might be an easy one for most mothers. The best thing to do to increase breast milk is to frequently stimulate and emptying the breasts. Try to breastfeed your baby every 90 to 120 minutes and your body will notice a higher demand of breast milk which will result into more breast milk production. This is the most natural and best way to increase breast milk.

  • Hold your baby skin to skin at your breast
  • Breastfeed frequently
  • Make sure your baby is both sucking and swallowing good
  • Offer both breasts, provide stimulation
  • Compress or massage your breasts while breastfeeding

Make sure you and your baby get enough rest between the feeds. If you follow these tips it is likely that you will increase breast milk. If it is still not working out for you, you might want to contact your doctor or health consultant to get personal advice.

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