How does a Perfect Bosom Look?

Normally, it is believed that a perfect bosom is firm, full-bodied, medium to large with a soft, tight and neat skin. The nipple should have a diameter between 3-5 cm.

Is it normal to have a lack of symmetry on the chest?

It is normal that there is a difference between a woman’s breasts. In seven out of every ten cases, the right breast is smaller than the left, although such a difference does not usually appear. In the event that there is a difference in the size of the breasts, one should have patience as they need time to settle.

In among the most influential factors for breast size we can mention:

1. Genetic Factors : It is one of the most determining factors for a woman’s breast size. Normally, a girl’s bosom will resemble her mother’s, that is, hereditary. That is, if a mother has a small bosom, it is quite likely that the daughter will also have it.

2. Over time: Over time, the breasts tend to hang due to gravity. They gradually lose their firmness, which makes it important to have a good diet and a balanced life or a good bra. Yet, there is no or anything that can prevent a woman’s breasts from becoming obsolete with age, even though it is possible to postpone the process and make it less visible through tricks and specific products.

3. Pregnancy and breast-feeding : During pregnancy and breast-feeding, the breasts undergo some sudden changes in size. The most traumatic for a woman is that the changes can go on becoming permanent, even though these changes appear during the first months of a pregnancy where the breasts grow significantly.

4. Diseases : Some diseases can directly affect the breasts, although most common is breast cancer that can cause changes in size and shape.

5. Loss and sudden weight gain : Loss and sudden growth of the chest or at relatively short intervals can affect firmness and provoke stripes. The advantage is that you can usually change it and return to normal mode.

6. Wrong posture of the shoulders and back : A wrong posture or posture can provoke the bark to begin to hang and may also cause slack in the stomach.

I am not satisfied and want to enlarge my breasts. Is it possible?

Of course. One should not put up with some breasts that one is not satisfied with. Even if they are small or not and simply want to increase the size, there exist products and methods that allow you to achieve it with full guarantee.

Recently, surgery was the only method that existed, but over the last few years, other alternative products have been perfected that have achieved incredible success because of their results. In addition, there is the advantage that you do not need to lie on the operating table, undergo anesthesia or the risks associated with surgery. It is cheaper and it is not harmful to you or your breasts.

Can you imagine enhancing the size, firmness and volume of your breasts by taking a pill, using a cream, a vibrating device or just some simple exercise routines? We offer you several different products that actually work to improve your breasts without undergoing surgery and without risk.

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