Did you know that you can prevent hair loss?

Those who consider appearance important take care of their appearance. As a man who considers a good and well-groomed appearance important, you try to live a healthy life in as many areas as possible. You work out to stay in shape and you regularly buy new clothes to keep looking sharp. Then why aren’t you working with your hair in such a way? Read this HairMax review to find out more.

Many men look at thinning hair with sorrow. When hair loss and baldness set in, it is instinctively too late to intervene. That is precisely why it is interesting to know that you can easily treat your hair preventively with Aveda products. The Aveda Invati line contains a series of products with scientifically based action to reduce hair loss.

To be used as ‘normal’ hair care products

Invati men ™ products are aimed at combating hair loss through breakage in a period of 12 weeks or more. This is done with a shampoo and a scalp revitalizer, among other things . These two products form a team, as it were. The invati men ™ nourishing exfoliating shampoo cleans the pores on the scalp of impurities and residues of hair products. In addition, renewal of the scalp is stimulated. This effect is the perfect proverbial start for the invati men ™ scalp revitalizer : a unique blend of herbs that you massage into the scalp. The scalp revitalizer invigorates the scalp around the hair follicles.

What is of great importance is the fact that the products can be used as ‘normal’ hair care products: the use does not give you any extra actions or problems, so that the process feels natural. You wash your hair with the shampoo and massage your scalp after showering with the scalp revitalizer, which you do not have to rinse. In other words, your daily routine is not interrupted or disrupted.

Pure nature

Aveda’s slogan is: ‘The Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences’. That is exactly what you can count on with these products: 100% pure natural ingredients without artificial additives. It is not without reason that Aveda has received the ‘Gold-Level Cradle to Cradle’ certificate for this product line. This not only thanks to the natural ingredients, but also because the product packaging is refillable.

Why it works

The Aveda Invati line is no magic: it is pure science and knowledge of natural ingredients that ensure healthy hair and scalp. The effect of the ingredients has been clinically proven. The nourishing exfoliating shampoo and scalp revitalizer contain salicylic acid from wintergreen, among other things, which ensures good cleaning and skin renewal. Millet grains and milk thistle restore the balance of the lipid content, so that tense and irritated scalp relaxes. Denisplex is Aveda’s own unique blend of invigorating herbs including turmeric and ginseng, making the shampoo not only against hair loss but also smells and feels great.

Manners is going to test

Just as you are undoubtedly curious, Manners is also very curious about how Aveda Invati works . That is why we test the products ourselves. Keep an eye on Manners because in a few weeks’ chief editor Mitchell will tell about his experiences.